day three

5 Oct

well i havent really slept in two days now, i have just been wide awake but so tired.  i didnt work out today because i felt too sick.  havent lost much weight yet and am a bit frustrated that i feel so sick and no results for it.  maybe they are coming.  i still havent gotten into the pro-anorexia groupor even into the waiting room and i dont know why, i guess im too fat right now.  it is frustrating and i could really use the support right now.  but anyway, so here are my stats today:

CW: 159 lbs
2 slim fasts = 340 calories
1/2 bowl ramen = 250 calories
2 mini kosher pickles = 5 calories
5 glasses of water
1 diet coke

also,  just had to say i have the best bf in the world.  we are best friends and we tell each other everything and since i have been talking to him about all of this all he has done is be supportive and try to work out with me and eat healthier with me.  he says i am not fat (even though i am) and that he loves me for me and just wants me to be happy with myself and have my self confidence back.  today he went to get food and asked if i was hungry and i was like hell yeah i am. then he said but what i should ask is do you want me to buy you food and of course i said no.  he is so sweet to me and i am so lucky.  i went through so many abusers before i found him so luckily i know how to appreciate him.  so yeah, there are bad things and good things right now but mostly the good way outweigh the bad.

whishing you a good weekend ladies.  gl, ss, tt.


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