day six

8 Oct

i am disappointed in myself, because i was hoping in the first week i would lose at least 5lbs.  i did so bad this weekend i probably ruined all chances of that.  weekends are really hard i am finding.  bleh.  i am trying to start on a 6, 8, 10, 12 with 

today.  starting off with 6.  

we went to the store this weekend and got some good snacks for me, like pickles, celery, carrots, and green tea from lipton (which i didnt know had 80 cals, but oh well)…  i hope this will help it to be easier.  my bf still has all of his foods in there too though and i see them and am tempted alot of the time, but not too bad most days.  it was really hard today because my bf had the munchies, he ate chips, peanuts, another kind of chips, popcorn, chocolate AND made sugar cookies.  it sucks because he can eat all he wants and not get fat, and if i look at it i gain weight.  i didnt have any!  i am proud of that at least!

i just keep telling myself, nothing tastes as good as being thin again will feel.  i am thinking of painting some rooms in our house (as a project to keep myself busy), and thinking of painting some sort of saying like that on the wall i face when i am running on the treadmill, something that will inspire me to run more and run harder… anyone have any ideas? 

CW: 159lbs
3 glasses of water 
1 lipton citrus green tea = 80 calories
1 slim fast = 170 calories
1/3 Bertolis = @ 300 calories
1 diet coke
treadmill 30 minutes
thighmaster 15 minutes



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