day seven

9 Oct

am i crazy?  i dont want to make a thinsipration book or anything because i dont want my bf to see the pics and realize how fat i am and think i am gross.  i worry endlessly every day because he is going to college and looking at all these pretty and skinny girls then coming home to fat ugly me and i just know one day he is going to wake up and be like… wow you are gross i can do so much better…  am i crazy or does anyone else ever think like this???  is there anything to do to stop it?  i hope it stops when i reach my goal at least, because i cant stand it.  

well it is starting to get cool here at night.  it is 7am and 49 here right now and i have the a/c on to make it even colder because it is easier to lose weight when it is cold.  I cant wait for the winter, the summer was too hot and humid and i am ready to turn the stupid a/c off.  it is so annoying. 

good luck today ladies, ss, and tt.

Today’s Stats
50 minutes on treadmill
1 diet coke
3 glasses of water
2 slim fasts = 340 calories
1 spoon peanut butter = 90 calories
grilled cheese = 210 calories

Total Calories = 640


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