baby steps

10 Oct

so last night i weighed and i was 156 this morning i am 157.  blah.  i was hoping this morning would be 155.  oh well.  i will work my butt off today and restrict my cals again like planned and maybe when i step on it tomorrow i will have lost.  i did really good today too.  i was on day 1000 of my plan and i only had 520 cals.  i dont even feel like eating more.  i was actually fine and then i ate salad just cause i thought it would be good for me.  hooray for me! (then i cheated and had some chips… oh well it wasnt too much, and today i was set for 1000)


Today’s Stats

CW: 157
Treadmill 30 minutes
3 glasses of water
1 lipton citrus green tea = 80 calories
french cut green beans = 30 calories
chicken breast  = 220 calories
salad w/ cheese = 190 calories
chips = 160 calories



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