liquids and veggies

12 Oct

i tried doing a liquids and veggies fast today but i was so tired.  working out was so hard.  i did pretty well though and i only had a few little pieces of meat, hardly anything, at supper.  (i wouldnt have had it at all but my bf cooked it and made me some too and i didnt want to be rude, he is so sweet)  still, today was my 1200 day and all i had was 490.  so really good.  AND, as long as i keep it under 700 i should be losing according to the calculator… tomorrow we have to eat with my bf parents and their friends… ugh.  hopefully it will be somewhere i can eat something not too bad or maybe i can just get a salad and nobody will say anything…  we will see… we will see…

Today’s Stats
CW = 157
15 minutes hard running on treadmill
15 minutes pilates/yoga video
3 glasses water
1 diet coke
1 lipton citrus green tea = 80 calories
salad = 200 calories
jumbalia = 210 calories


i also got a new sports bra today, my first one ever.  it is great because now when i run on the treadmill i dont have to hold my boobs!  i never had that problem with boobs until i got fat and now i have them and dont know what to do with them!  anyway, i got that and some new shorts, socks, and panties to work out in.  buying stuff is cool.  i havent shopped for myself in a long time, it was weird.  cant wait to lose all this weight and really go shopping! whooohoo!


3 Responses to “liquids and veggies”

  1. pinxtin 10/13/2007 at 3:28 am #

    ” is great because now when i run on the treadmill i dont have to hold my boobs!”
    HAHAH thats like me all the tiem. and i try to hold my fat stomach too cause i feel its gonna rip off while im runnig.
    so holding boobs and stomach while runing.. i look like a retard..

    • mykindanormal 10/13/2007 at 6:05 am #

      yeah my bf was laughing at me running on the treadmill holding my boobs the other day and i was like well… what am i gonna do? ha!

  2. skinnyrose2b 10/13/2007 at 2:17 pm #

    I have been able to get out of eating really fatty meats around family and friends by telling them that red meat really upsets my tummy. “gives me gas” they joke at first but then make a point at letting me have fish or chicken, or even no meat at all …..hehehehe

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