soooo tired!

15 Oct
Today’s Stats
chips = 200 calories
yogurt = 45 calories
salad = 150 calories
peanut butter = 80 calories
beef jerky = 40 calories
3 diet cokes
3 glasses of water
kung pow chicken w/ fried rice and a fortune cookie = 500 calories est.

total calories today… WAY TOO MANY!  tomorrow i must dobetter!

couldnt sleep AGAIN.  i am so tired.  it seems sleep problems are multiplied when i am losing weight.  I hate it.  

i was too tired to work out today which is very bad because i binged last night.  tomorrow i must do better.  tomorrow i start over and hit it hard.


One Response to “soooo tired!”

  1. fuckmyname 10/19/2007 at 9:32 am #

    try a banana, they help you fall asleep and will not throw off your cals

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