16 Oct

 today was okay.  i think the 5htp may be working.  it was the first day in a while i didnt sit and cry for hours. i selpt about three hours last night after taking a melatonin pill, and took a three hour nap too.  trying to get more sleep because i was reading that research has proven people who dont get enough sleep gain weight and have more trouble losing weight.  today was a 400 calorie day according to my plan and i was successful!  hooray!  i just wish i was seeing more weight loss because i have been stuck here for a while now.  maybe this new plan will help. 

Today’s Stats
CW: 155lbs
4 glasses of water
2 cups green tea
1 slim fast = 170 calories
chicken & stars = 120 calories
sugar free jello cup = 10 calories
lite and fit yogurt = 45 calories


also worked hard cleaning house, and moving all my plants indoors (there are many of them and they are so heavy i must use a dolly)

note to self: need to buy fabric measure tape to take measurements, drink more water, force myself to exercise more, sleep more, & stop being so bitchy to bf.


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