not that anyone cares, but…

17 Oct

i am down one pound today.  today is a 700 to 800 calorie day, so it should be easy.  i slept good for four hours until my bf turned the volume on the tv off and of course i cant sleep without it and so i had to wake up.  grrr. (but it didnt phase him that i got up and he slept another 6+ hours after i had to wake up) i guess i will have to take another nap today, because i have to get at least 6 hours… at least.  i just wish i could get 6 consecutive hours.  this 4 hours at once is the most i have had in months.  argh.  no wonder i am going crazy and not losing weight even though i am restricting like crazy and exercising… (well i havent exercised in the past few days. i feel too weak. ) 

i fucking hate it too when my bf is watching some lame ass movie that i know sucks and he is just watching it because some hot girl is in it.  i hate that i am so bitchy lately.  ugh.

Today’s Stats
CW = 154
1 small apple = 80 calories
1 diet coke
2 glasses water
pigs in blankets = 300 calories
mac and cheese = 400 calories

Total calories = 780


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