i suck

19 Oct

 so, i did really bad today.  i am having a really bad day.  my dad is really sick and i am really scared.  i didnt work out.  ugh. tomorrow i will do better.  this is like the first day i went over in a long time so i am not going to hate myself too much just yet.

Today’s Stats
2 little cheeseburgers = 700 calories
1 yogurt = 45 calories
2 citrus green tea = 160 calories
chip crumbles = 150 calories
4 diet cokes
1 glass water

TOTAL = 1055 calories


2 Responses to “i suck”

  1. lizabit95 10/20/2007 at 3:06 am #

    sorry you had a bad day. hope your dad will be ok. if you want to talk about it … i check in several times a day or you can catch me on msn celticrystal@hotmail.com . hang in there. <333

    • mykindanormal 10/20/2007 at 3:28 am #

      awww, thank you so much. i was thinking why do i even post on this thing because nobody reads it or even cares (you know how you think like that sometimes when you are all down? well at least i do) and then i got this comment from you! thanks! i added you to msn. 🙂

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