i’m back!

25 Oct

 well, here i am, back again.  still not doing great but i am here at least.  we are so out of groceries and have nothing good for me to eat or drink (and it looks like we will be having this problem for another week until my paycheck clears and i find out if we have enough to buy anything after i pay bills) but i have not cheated on my calorie restriction the whole time i have been sick and doing bed rest so i am very proud of that.  

i still crave foods but am finding that if i give into the craving and eat, even on the days when i am allowed to it isnt as good and i feel really sick after eating.  this is a good thing, because i remember this feeling from back in the hardcore ana days and it is nice to have it coming back.  i feel dizzy alot of the time and my tummy rumbles and burns because i am hungry.  more good things! 

i still havent lost any more weight, but like i say, i think it is period time and after that hopefully i will see some weight loss.  even though it doesnt show i have lost, i feel like i am getting smaller.  hopefully i will start feeling better really soon and be able to start exercising hard like i was doing before and speed results even more.  

hope everyone else is doing okay!

Today’s Stats
2 dr peppers= 280 calories
2 glasses of water
soup = 120 calories
yogurt = 45 calories

TOTAL = 445 calories


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