progress at last!

27 Oct

so i havent seen a difference in my weight yet but have been feeling smaller… thought maybe it was my imagination.  anyway we had to go eat with the bfs parents today and his mother asked if i had lost weight, i was so happy!  my pants are much looser than they used to be in the waist and i have to keep pulling them up.  and my bf said he can tell a big difference in my face and my neck too, which is good. 

 i mean its not good that he noticed how fat i was before and so now he can see a difference.  it is not good that he agrees that he will be really happy when i lose the weight.  he is thebest boyfriend ever, but some things that guys say off hand and dont think really hurt sometimes… and how they like watch movies and stare at hot girls making you feel really like shit about yourself…  and hell if i am having sex with him after he has been looking at some other bitches… ugh.  

fucking men. 


Today’s Stats
3 diet cokes
1 glass water
potatoes and chicken fried chicken

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