31 Oct

 I slept some again last night!  Yay! I have now lost 20lbs from my highest weight.  I have decided if i lose 5 more i will get a red bracelet as a reward.  my bf says he will buy me one.  🙂  i went over on my intake a little today, but it is okay because i have been staying under.  at least i didnt binge out on candy, so i am proud about that.  my bf brought me home a lollypop and said it was a reward for losing so much and i should allow myself a treat.  he is so sweet.  i may eat it tonight… i dont know.  anyway, tomorrow is a new day.  :):)

i have decided that i am going to fast starting tomorrow.  i am going to try to only have water and green tea. if i absolutely have to maybe broth, milk, or juice.  but no solids.  i will do this fast thursday and friday, and if i can continue i will do it on saturday too.  so there it is, my goal set out in writing.  i cant go back on it now and if i mess up i will hate myself.  hopefully it will let me lose enough to get that bracelet!

Today’s Stats
CW = 150 
2 diet cokes 
3 glasses water
green beans = 35 calories  
pizza = 600 calories 
salad = 130 calories
burger = ?

TOTAL = @ 1200 calories today.  

i went way over my calories planned for today, but i have been staying under for weeks, and tomorrow is a fasting day so i think it should be fine.  i should work out tomorrow too.


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