im bad news

29 Nov

 i found out the other day that my supposed bff is trying to hook up with my ex.  he imed me the other day and told me all about it.  i hate the bitch.  i really am so angry.  i lost my medical transcription job today.  it was not my fault.  i am going ot have to get a real job soon.  i am going to try to go back into real estate i guess.  in the meantime, it is christmas time and i am fat and lost my job.  i stayed in bed all day and only got up to run on the treadmill.  my boyfriend only seems to care about his new guitarhero game and i just want to die. 

my friends:

sports bra, home gym, music, red bracelets

my enemies:

food, fat, fake best friends 

realization:  you can run on the fucking treadmill as much as you can and still never get away from your problems…


One Response to “im bad news”

  1. evilgrins 12/01/2007 at 12:55 am #

    don’t think of food as your enemy. either go with the necessary evil line of thought or picture it as your crazy Aunt Bertha.

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