4 Dec

i stayed in bed all day today.  i only am just now getting out because my brother needed help on the computer.   i have an account on and people are so mean there, and they dont even know about my ana or my lj.  it really makes me sad and depressed.  people are nicer here.  usually.  i mean lots of times i post on a board and nobody replies, that is why i just stopped posting on the boards.  anyway, people are mean and make me sad.  i should run on the treadmill today but i just cant make myself do anything…

Today’s Stats
1 spoon peanut butter – 80 cals
2 chicken nuggets – 100 cals 
2 diet cokes
corn – 80 cals

total cals= 260

treadmill – 15 minutes hard running


One Response to “people=shit”

  1. kesf 12/05/2007 at 9:09 am #

    people are shit I agree – but not all people! There are some of us who aren’t like this!!!
    You sound really deressed 😦 if ya want to vent you know how to contact me…
    Kes xxx

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