hello again!

5 Jan

well, i am finally back from the holidays.  we went out of town and had lots of fun.  i gained 5lbs but it will be easy to get it offand i am going to do it.  

i have decided to start with a semi-vegitarian diet now after reading skinny bitch and doing some more research of my own.  so, no more red meat, pork, turkey, or chicken… things of the like for me.  i will still eat seafood and try to keep my dairy to a minimum and will only eat grain fed free range chicken eggs on occaison.  i think it  is a good start.  

my resolution is to get to my goal weight this year and stay there.  i hope to lose about 10 lbs a month until i am down to the goal weight.  so i will be watching calories and working out, eating healthy and hopefully all of this will result in my success.  i also need to make much money this year, that is my other resolution.  i can do it!  i know i can!  🙂  

hope everyone had great holidays and didnt forget me.  love you guys.  how is everyone doing????


2 Responses to “hello again!”

  1. smudge_box 01/06/2008 at 11:51 pm #

    Hey we have the same SW! Except I’m just starting. This time. Last time I started at 187 and I’ve kept those 17lbs. off (more or less) for a year.
    10lbs. a month seems really reasonable. I’m going to Antigua in April so I’ve gotta look fab by then!
    Ok if I add you?

    • mykindanormal 01/06/2008 at 11:58 pm #

      sounds great! ill add you back! good luck! we can do this!

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