8 Jan


Today’s Stats
cw: 150
french fries from arbys
3 glasses water
1 diet coke
1 bowl ramen

well, we went to the store today and my bf bought me some ramen, fruits, vegies, and diet cokes.  so, thanks to him, i should be set on food for a while.  he got some food for himself too, but not as much as he got for me.  i am just glad we are going to be eating, because it was really looking like we werent going to have any food at all.  

i am so totally broke, i think i have like three bucks or something… i dont know what i am going to do.  like, i dont know what kind of job i should/could get… and that is if i can even make myself get out of the house to get a job in the first place.  ugh.  i have this terrible fear of leaving the house, because i think everyone is going to say how fat i am or look at me weird or be mean to me or something.  i hate it.  i dont know what to do at all.  but i have to do something, because we have no money and there are bills to be paid.  

went to the store with my bf today, steam cleaned the carpets again, cleaned house, the cable repair man came and the maintainence man came to fix our sink.  ummm… yeah thats about it.  pretty boring day.  now the bf is gone to play a game with his friends and i am sitting here bored.  

oh yeah, quench lotion, by olay… it rocks.  

tomorrow i start counting cals big time on my normal schedule and working out.  i also need to start doing some transcription work while i can (i only have this account for until the end of the month) and i have been waiting until my bf starts back to school to start my stuff again too.  so tomorrow is the big day…


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