9 Jan

oh yeah.  i am dorkified fo sho.  so anyway, i am going to get my hair cut.  it will still be long, but i want bangs… like this girl…    yeah, i am totally obsessed with her.  now i want that hair! what do you guys think?

Today’s Stats
CW: 148
metamucil, oj, vitamins, cleanse pills – 120 calories
banana – 110 calories
cup of spanish rice – 290 calories
small orange – 80 calories
1 diet coke
2 glasses water 


so anyway, i am doing a cleanse.  i am using the PARAGONE system right now because i had already bought it and dont want it to go to waste.  does anyone know if it is good or of any others that are good?  hopefully it will be good, it cant hurt for sure!  i have been taking the metamucil with oj and didnt know till today how many calories that was adding up to!  i guess i am gonna have to start taking it with water sometimes, because that one cup of oj is a TON of calories!  

but i have done pretty well today, as it was a 700 calorie day and i have only had 600.  i didnt exercise, but i did at least get up and steam clean the floors once again, and i stayed up and awake all day instead of sleeping all day like i have been doing.  so, all in all, i would say i did pretty good today.


One Response to “dorkified”

  1. kesf 01/10/2008 at 12:27 am #

    yeah it’s a fairly good look – I should probably say you should just be happy with yourself though, but heck I’m not in the right frame of mind tonight to even think that.
    She looks pretty and you should do what you thinks is right – you after all have to be the one who lives with it… Just go for it if it makes you happy 😛
    Kes xxx

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