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17 Jan

ive been really down this week, so i made this to cheer myself up. its funny, and also made me like hey, im not THAT bad… MY SLIDESHOW (NSFW)   but its all lies, because i really am too fat. i need more control. i have been below 700cals every day and its just not enough. *screams* i should have run on the treadmill but i didnt.  

one good thing, yeah i know you are like what??? she is gonna say something good, but its true i have a good thing to say.  (and im once again sorry for being such a whiner on here, its just i pretend to be someone else, someone happy, someone together all of the time and this is my journal to let the stuff i have shoved to the back out for a bit) okay, so one good thing, i decided to start a business.  i have the plan for it, i made up a name, i got a website, my bf got me frontpage and i am now designing a website for it, and though its not much, it gives me hope.  this could work out… this could be the way i can make it big… i can do this!  i have to do this!  i have freaking bills and shit to pay…

Today’s Stats
oj, metamucil, cleanse, vitamins = 80 cals
1/4 banana = 20 cals
1/2 apple = 30 cals
ramen = 380 cals
1 spoon peanut butter = 50 cals
16 cups water
1 diet coke
1 m&m – i couldn’t help myself!

TOTAL = 560 cals

yeah, ps and all that, i just did this online calculation thing and it says i should be drinking AT LEAST 18 cups of water a day.  gonna try to do it… whew… its gonna be hard!


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