finally friday

18 Jan

suddenly this afternoon i got so tired and crashed hard for like a couple of hours… i laid on my back wth my knees up to watch tv and i fell asleep and didnt even know it.  i didnt even move for those couple of hours. wow, i love when i sleep that hard. i dreamed that i got a new camera, a great awesome one… i hope i do.  i also dreamed i was on a bridge way up high and it started to bend at the sides like taffy and i was trying to hold on but about to fall… so i hope that one doesnt happen.i have a massive headache and a cough.  i guess im getting sick.  

i have been taking the anti-depressants for like a week now and can start to tell a difference.  i get up in the mornings when my bf does now and have been staying up and doing productive things during the day, and playing on buzznet…  i havent been thinking of ways to kill myself or planning it, i have actually been brushing my teeth and fixing my hair, and i have come up with the business plan and am putting it into motion, so these are all good things.  i think it is because the medicine is helping me a little.  

business plans are coming along nicely and i have been working on a website for it and a logo.  i havent lost any weight this week and it is discouraging.  i have to start working out again but just havent had the drive to do it for a while now. 

Today’s Stats
metamucil, cleanse, vitamins
spoon pb=50cals
cup soup=240cals
2 diet cokes
2 starburst candies
6 cups water

One Response to “finally friday”

  1. iamsothemary 01/19/2008 at 5:19 am #

    Winter’s the worst for me when it comes to working out. I feel so much more active in the summer!
    You’re going to get better, trust me.

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