7 Feb

so, its been alright this week.  the last few days have been good.  i went to fill out an application at that place and dont know how well i did on it.  my hopes fell alot because there were so many people there filling out applications.  but, i must press on.  i must find another job.  hopefully i will see something good in the sunday paper, if not then i will possibly consider trying to do real estate, or be someones licensed assistant in real estate.  something has to happen and soon, because i have alot of bills to pay and no money to pay them.

i havent lost any more weight.  i havent been eating too much, probably no more than 700 calories a day at MOST and more likely around 500 calories a day on average.  i have started trying to walk on the treadmill some, just to get back into it slowly, and will start running again soon.  i have been doing the ab lounger every day.  hopefully this kicks my metabolism back in and i will start losing weight again.  i am not sure what to do to lose at this point, it seems like i have not lost anything in forever. 

parents coming in town for the weekend.  hopefully they buy us some food and we all have a good time.  

Today’s Stats
CW: 140lbs
salad with itallian dressing
chips with ranch dip
diet coke
cleanse, fiber, vitamins

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