12 Feb

 so i sent out like 12 resumes yesterday, some by email, others by fax, and a few by mail.  i have gotten call backs on three of them already.  i interview tomorrow for one job that sounds really good to me and i am really hoping will pay well and have great benefits and of course that i will get it.  i set up another interview but am thinking of cancelling that one because the pay is not good, there is no insurance, and i would have to work odd hours and on saturdays.  and since that doesnt sound good to me i think i should just cancel and not waste either of our time.  

so, i cancelled that interview and i got another one.  now i am interviewing every day for the rest of the week, which is good.  hopefully at least one of the interviews will result in a job offer.  hopefully it will be the one i want the most and it will pay well!  i started going through my closet and trying on all of the ‘work clothes’ i have and nothing fits.  it is so discouraging that i have lost 30 lbs and still i can not fit in to my old clothes.  they are all size 6 and i remember when i wore them last they hung on me and were too big, but now i cant even zip them up.  i have only one outfit that i can wear and it is not my favorite by far, but i have to wear it because i have nothing else.  i hope that doesnt make my self confidence even lower and ruin things for me.  grrr!!!  i just want to cry!

now i am going to go run on the treadmill and hope to lose some more.  i am determined to get another 10lbs off before i start a job so that hopefully i will be able to fit into my work clothes.  that means i am going to have to pretty much starve myself and work my ass off every day.  i have to do it though.  and i dont have much time to do it in!  according to the goal calculators that are online i can lose 4 pounds a week if i work out fairly hard every day and eat under 500 calories.  i can lose 5 lbs a week if i keep it at 300 or less calories and work out extremely hard daily.  i think the more realistic goal is going to be 4lbs a week.  If i could keep that up i would be at my goal weight by April…  that is if my metabolism didnt completely shut down… maybe the exercising would keep it going???  

does anyone know what i should do to lose at least 10lbs in the next week?  what should i do to get to my goal weight as soon as possible?  i am desperate!!!!  help?!?!?

Today’s Stats
1 spoon peanut butter – 60 cals
1 cup slimfast – 200 cals
green beans – 40cals
cleanse, fiber, vitamins, water
2 diet cokes

treadmill, ab lounger, totaling 1 hr.
total cals- 300cals

S-0 -walk & abs
M-400 -run & abs
T-0-200 (liquids only) -walk & abs
W-500 – run & abs
T-0-200 (liquids only) -walk & abs
F-500 -run & abs
S-800 -walk & abs

vitamins, fiber, cleanse, green tea, & alot of water daily


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