interview 1

13 Feb

well, i went to the first interview and i think i did really well.  my hair and makeup were good, my shoes were HOT and i looked well put together inspite of being a fat ugly pig.  i felt pretty good about myself, i tried to smile alot, make eye contact, and be friendly and energetic and act interested.  i made practice questions and went over my answers before the interview and i think that helped.  i would have liked to have done better but i really think i may have gotten the job.  

the only problem is i thought the job was going to be great paying with benefits and stuff and it does have the benefits but the pay is the suck.  this was really disappointing as i want a job that will pay at the very least $25,000 a year and was hoping for something at about $35,000 a year range.  so if i get the offer i will try to talk them up just a little (though it will still be way less than i really want to be making) and if i choose to take it the it will be mostly because i will like the job itself and can be hoping that once i get in the door there might be better opportunities that come up within the company…

i still have an interview tomorrow for a job that will pay a little better, and then i also have an interview on friday but i dont know the pay of that job yet.  i guess i will just wait and see what happens and if any of them offer me anything…  i just dont know if i should settle and take a job that pays less than what i want or hold out for something more.  it will be hard to look for a job if i have a job… but i need money in a bad way… i am confused.

Today’s Stats
cup noodles – 250 calories 
diet coke
vitamins, fiber, cleanse, water

treadmill and ablounger


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