happy valentine’s day

14 Feb

 happy valentine’s day to anyone who takes the time to read this… so, yeah, happy valentines day miss q~

so, guess what i got for valentine’s day…  

a job!  

can you fucking believe that?  it is not the highest paying job to start out, but the benefits make up for that and there is a guaranteed raise in july and alot of opportunity for advancement!  i am actually happy with this job offer and think it is going to turn into something great.  in the meantime i will be making some money!  yay!  enough to pay the bills, have some spending money, and still save money… so this is good!  

this is proof… we can do whatever we set our minds to!  and i did it, i got a job… so i know i can lose the weight!  i was going to fast today, but it is valentine’s and so i ate a little bit… oh well… and on the scales this morning i was down a few lbs!  yay!

CW: 138lbs
mac & cheese 
fish sticks
diet cokes

cleanse, fiber, vitamins, green tea!


2 Responses to “happy valentine’s day”

  1. skinniobsession 02/15/2008 at 4:15 am #

    congragulations with the job! im so excited for you. p.s. you can celebrate with that with valentines day and celebrating for us is FOODD bahaha so eat whatever its binge day for us ❤

    • mykindanormal 02/15/2008 at 4:20 am #

      ahhh! oh no, i have formal permission to binge… i might just use that as an excuse to do it! 🙂
      thanks and hope you had a great v-day!

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