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4 Mar

from a letter to my friend…

i am working my ass off (but doing a really good job – i just hope someone notices and gives me a big raise when the time comes) and not losing any weight.  but today i started trying to tone it down on the eating more and did pretty good and so tomorrow  i am going to start the hard calorie counting and make a schedule for myself to follow.  i have 2 15 minute breaks during the day and the office complex that i work in has a big sort of atrium that if you walk around it 4 times it is a mile.  so, during breaks people are always walking around it, and our company gives us ‘points’ for every time we walk around and at the end of the month you can turn those ‘points’ in for a gift certificate.  it is pretty cool, so i am going to start walking on my breaks and i think that will help alot. 
also, if i can start working out hard on the treadmill at least 2x a week and maybe doing a light yoga and pilates video on the other days i think it will be really good.  so… that is my plan.  i am so great at making plans and suck at sticking to them.  but i have to do it!  i have to get to my goal and i have to be able to wear a bikini this summer. 
my birthday is on saturday and my parents are coming to visit.  i am praying they dont bring my brother with them.  ugh. 
things with the bf are good.  he has gotten wasted to a bad point a few times since i last wrote and i am so tired of that.  i have told him we can have ‘planned’ days when we will party and get drunk and have fun, but no more of the getting drunk on the weekday just because we have stuff to drink because it is way out of control.  i told him if it happens one more time then we will start to go to counciling.  other than that it is great though.  he has been taking me to lunch nearly every day (i need to only eat a salad from now on) and he has been helping around the house and with chores a lot and of course is still paying all of the bills because i havent gotten paid yet.  

it was easier to cut and paste than to update my diary here.  here is my new plan for daily calorie intake and minimum exercise:

Daily – vitamins, cleanse, lots of water, affirmations

MON – 400cal / walk 30min & pilates video

TUES – 500cal / walk 30 min & abs video

WED – 700cal / walk 30min & treadmill

THR – 500cal / walk 30min & misc. video workout

FRI – 800cal / walk 30 minutes & ab lounger

SAT – 800cal / weight machine & treadmill

SUN – 200cal / pilates video