im still alive

15 Aug

i havent been on much, i havent been trying too hard, things have been quite a mess lately. 

at the end of may someone tried to break into our house and attacked my boyfriend leaving him with 16 stitches and a deep gash in his arm.  luckily he was able to keep them out, but it was very traumatic for both of us.  after that we decided to move and went through all of that mess and now we are finally moved and pretty settled in our new house. 

i was diagnosed with cancer and my job has been awful to me and finally fired me early this week.  i will have a surgery to try to get it out of me next week.  i have been even more of an emotional wreck than normal, so that is really bad.  i filed for social security disability today, and hope i get that because i can not go to work anymore and hold a job for emotional reasons, because of the cancer and my chrohns.  

i have lost weight because my clothes fit differently and everyone comments.  but i dont know how much because when we moved our scale totally broke and i havent bought a new one.  i need to try harder, as soon as i feel like working out again i will start.  we have been walking the dogs most nights and that totally exhausts me.  

anyway, how is everyone?  i miss you guys.  at least now  i am not working and i will have more time to be online…


One Response to “im still alive”

  1. kesf 08/15/2008 at 11:00 pm #

    Hey I was just wondering about you today xxx
    I really don’t know what to say about the Cancer… *hugs* and I’m so sorry just is so lame, and only go a small way to how deeply I feel about it.
    I hope the surgery goes well and you start to feel better soon.
    Please do post again soon…
    It’s great to see your post,
    Kes xx

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