9 Oct

i have been researching online all night because i cant sleep and think that my newest plan of 600 or less every day will not work.  from what i have seen i think that ‘zig zagging’ the calories is going to be the best way to go.  i know the calories are pretty high, but that is why i am going to add so much exercise (from what i have read just cutting the calories will put you in starvation mode – so you have to have some calories but exercise).  so, alas, i will have a new plan…

S: 500 or less – rest
M: 700 – legs & abs
T: 800 – cardio
W:500 – arms & pilates
T: 800 – cardio
F:500 – arms & abs
S:1000 – cardio

i will stick with my vegitarian diet of course, and try to eat things that are not total junk food.  i will have at least 4 liters of water every day.  i will take my meds every day and vitamins.  i will try to do as much liquids as possible, like slimfast or soup instead of heavy meals and also make sure to spread my calories out through the day.  i will still try to do something productive, clean house, and say my affirmations every day. i will have my rewards when i reach the goal of 130, 120, and 110. 

with this plan i hope to lose at least 4lbs a week until christmas for a total of 40lbs lost by christmas. 

CW: 147
4.5 liters water
took meds, did not do cardio as planned (started period – ugh)
soy milk 80, 1/2 bagel w light cream cheese 135, mashed potato 100, 2 reeses cups 100, 7 ritz w laughing cow cheese 120, spaghetti w marinara 375 = 900 cals


One Response to “ammendment”

  1. kesf 10/09/2008 at 6:49 pm #

    lol… yeah you’re right. Not eating at all or restricting really fiercely will work at first but then weight loss will dip as your metabolism slows down. Eating a little and doing exercise stops it dropping. Plus if you fall into starvation mode – it might help a little when you don’t eat, but then everything that you do, your body will hang on to. So even with smaller amounts you could still put on weight/ or even more weight than before.
    I think the affirmations idea is cool.
    And definately exercise!!!
    Kes xx

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