17 Oct

So, about my job firing me after they found out I have cancer, etc….  I went to my first meeting today with the lawyers I have been talking to on the phone.  They have a beautiful office and they were very nice, thorough, and helpful.  We went over everything in detail and they feel that there may be several different areas where they could do something.  They were interested in helping and looking further into it so I got all of my records together and took them back this afternoon.  I had thought this might be a shot in the dark but it looks like there might actually be something they can do which is very encouraging.I decided to do measurements on myself so that when I lose weight I can see if I am getting smaller.  I measured and it was disgusting and sickening, depressing and so freaking unbelivable.  How did I let myself get so huge?  I have to get this weight off, I have to shrink those areas.  OMG! 


Neck: 14in
Bicep: 14in
Tricep: 10in
Wrist: 6in
Boobs: 38in
Ribs: 35in
Belly Button: 34in
Belly: 36in
Butt: 40in
Thigh: 22.5in
Calf: 14in
Ankle: 8.5in

I got my oil changed and inspection done.  I did not work out because I have a migraine today.  But, I stuck to my liquid fasting so yay!  My family is coming in to town Saturday and I will have to break the fast to eat with them.  So, tomorrow I will have a little soup or something to get ready and then when they are here I will eat like salad or soup – something low cal and easy to get through the stomach.  After they leave I will start the liquid fast again.  I have been on liquids for 2 days and I have lost only 5lbs.  I am feeling discouraged by that but am going to stick with it and work out hard tomorrow so hopefully more comes off! 



Today’s Stats

CW: 146
3 liters water w crystal lite = 60 cals
2 cups soy milk = 180 cals
1 cup slimfast = 200 cals
TOTAL 440 cals


One Response to “measurements”

  1. future10 10/28/2008 at 6:24 pm #

    omgosh i did NOT know you were sick or got fired…i’m really sorry to hear that. it sounds like you have a strong case, though! glad the lawyers were so nice (they aren’t always!).
    thanks for sharing your stats – i’ll prolly post mine at 40lbs soon. we’re pretty similar in size, from what i remember my measurements were the last time i checked.
    we can do this!! good luck and lots of ❤

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