31 Dec

instead of losing weight i gained. 

im not going to write about why or how horrible i have had it lately.  there is no excuse for this.

i am now setting a goal to lose weight this year.  i am going to go from my current 156 (yeah, i gained that much) to 110 by 12/09 at the latest, but if at all possible my goal will be to be there by 06/09.  i will do this with heavy restriction and lots of exercise. 

i am about to get engaged, and then i will be getting married.  this is no longer optional, it is mandatory!

i have to do this.  i will do this.  i am not going to live like this any more.


One Response to “resolution”

  1. kesf 01/01/2009 at 4:05 am #

    *hugs* Happy New Year!

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