old pictures

15 Jun

i found some old pictures of me today, ones i used to send my hubby when we were dating and first married. pics of me in the tub, in my panties, all kinds of cute pics… and my god i was skinny just a few years ago! it served as thinspiration and motivation… i absolutely can get back to there.

oh i remember when i looked like this when we were first together and i thought i was hideously fat. now i would kill to be that size again. but i will get there, and then go even smaller, i will be 110 again, come hell or high water…


2 Responses to “old pictures”

  1. eyespaintedblack 06/29/2010 at 7:27 pm #

    god honey i know exactly how u feel… i’m married too and i really want to ge back to our dating weight :/ love your blog

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