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13 Nov

Here are my daily affirmations.  

A short one to say whenever I think of it, as many times daily as possible.

I have perfect posture.  I am skinny, beautiful, wealthy, and happy.  I have everything I have ever wanted and more.

And, a long detailed one to say at least twice daily.

After waking from a long and sound sleep, I am stretching my long thin limbs and lightly patting my flat tummy.  I feel wonderful.  I take a look in the mirror and I see that I have perfect posture and I am tall and skinny.  I see my large round breasts, slender arms, tiny waist, thin thighs, and collar and hip bones that show very nicely.  My skin is soft and smooth, my hair is beautiful, long, soft, and shiny.  I look young and very happy.  I always have a smile on my face.  There is no nagging voice or negative whispers in my head.  I feel confident, inspired, motivated, and I make everyone around me feel happy and good about themselves.  Everyone likes me and wants to be around me and be my friend.  I feel like working out, like getting out of the house, like doing productive things, and making money.  I have no worries of any kind.  I have all of the money I could ever need and everything I have ever wanted and more.  Whenever I go out or turn on the tv I dont see anyone who looks better than me.  If someone asks if I want food I quickly turn it down.  I have no cravings and dont even give food a second thought or look.  I am not hungry and food is gross.