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how to lose weight

17 Oct

often times i am asked for advice, or see posts where people are asking for advice on how to lose weight.  well, i don’t know if i should give advice but i will tell you what my basic plan is and maybe that will help.  i also highly recommend reading the book “Skinny Bitch” – it will blow you out of the water and really get you motivated and informed.

first of all drink water, water, water.  i am trying to drink at least 4liters of water every day.  it flushes out the fat and keeps you feeling full, not to mention it makes your skin look better and everything else healthier.  there are these flavor things you can get to put in your water and it makes it easier to drink more.  you can find them at the store with the drink mixes and juice.  that helps me drink more, and they aren’t too many calories either.

second, don’t eat dead rotting flesh.  use a partial or full vegetarian diet – or even better a vegan diet. i don’t eat meat – sometimes i eat fish though.  if you do eat meat try to cut down on it at least or do fish and chicken instead of red meat and pork.  then you can go to just fish.  then if you want go to no meat at all. and then you can wean over to full vegan if you wish.  this is a personal choice of course, but definitely cut out the red meat and pork and it will help.  you are what you eat and you can not be skinny and beautiful if you are putting pain and suffering into your body. 

third, try to stay away from sweets, eat only good healthy food and count the calories.  (for the most part – but sometimes you have to reward yourself and have a little of the yummies) there are many plans out there for how many calories you should have and on the side of the page i have a link to a goal calculator that is helpful.  no sodas unless they are the 0 calorie kind, i drink diet 7up or diet coke with splenda if i have to break down and have a soda but rarely do i ever break down and have a soda anymore – like once a month maybe.  soda is like liquid fat, it has so many calories and it makes you get so fat!  don’t eat or drink things with high-fructose corn syrup in them either and stay away from things with ingredients that look like crazy words you cant read.  keep it simple and know what you are putting into your body. 

fourth, make a plan, set obtainable goals, and reward yourself when you make those goals.  there are tons of plans out there and you just have to find one that will work for you.  total starvation does not count as a plan either, because in the end it will just make you end up getting fat when you break down and eat – and we always break down sometime don’t we?!?! 

my plan is to zig-zag my calories, which means have higher and lower days.  this is supposed to help your metabolism stay up because your body thinks it is getting fed on the high days and then you have low days to lose weight and your metabolism is still going because it was not expecting it.  with this plan you don’t feel like you are starving yourself and you can have days where you eat more or have a ‘treat’ as long as you don’t go crazy.  it is alot easier to stick with and you feel better because you aren’t always failing at your goals and it works because you can still eat with friends or family sometimes and nobody knows that anything is up. 

along with this plan i have some days i throw in of fasting because not only does it help lose weight but also helps clean out your system and there are many health benefits that i have found. i have rewards set up that i will give myself when i reach certain goals and this makes it easier and more fun too.

fifth, exercise.  you have to exercise to lose weight, you really do.  i don’t care what anyone tells you – if you want it to come off you have to work for it.  look on my links at the side and there is one for calories burned.  i have found a few great sites that calculate calories burned for you online and this is my favorite one so far.  you can burn calories even by cleaning the house, having sex, etc.  but you must, must, must also exercise.  even if you don’t have the equipment get some hand weights, exercise videos, go walking, jogging, etc.  it helps you lose weight, feel better, gets your metabolism going and you just have to do it.

sixth, take your vitamins and get your sleep.  if you take a daily multivitamin your body will get all of the nutrients that it needs and you will be less likely to have cravings caused by your body needing something.  you must also get your beauty rest.  in all my research i have found that if you dont get enough sleep it will make you fat along with many other problems.  plus, if you are sleeping you won’t be eating now will you?!?

these are just basics, but hopefully this will help!  once more, get the “Skinny Bitch” book and make it your bible.  i read through it about once a week just to keep myself reminded and aware. 

i also encourage you to research online, you will find alot about the things i talked about there.  the more informed you are the better you will do.  if there is anything i have forgotten please let me know and i will add it in here.  i am going to be updating this post over time…

if you can stick to it you will see results and you will feel better.  good luck!




17 Oct

So, about my job firing me after they found out I have cancer, etc….  I went to my first meeting today with the lawyers I have been talking to on the phone.  They have a beautiful office and they were very nice, thorough, and helpful.  We went over everything in detail and they feel that there may be several different areas where they could do something.  They were interested in helping and looking further into it so I got all of my records together and took them back this afternoon.  I had thought this might be a shot in the dark but it looks like there might actually be something they can do which is very encouraging.I decided to do measurements on myself so that when I lose weight I can see if I am getting smaller.  I measured and it was disgusting and sickening, depressing and so freaking unbelivable.  How did I let myself get so huge?  I have to get this weight off, I have to shrink those areas.  OMG! 


all about fasting

22 Sep

everything you ever wanted to know about FASTING is right under that link.  i have been looking up info on fasting today and really liked this page.  hope it is helpful to everyone! 

fatty fatty me

18 Sep

Well, after my surgeries I have not been able to do anything but be on ‘bedrest’ and I have gained weight big time.  I was instructed that I have to eat a little bit of meat and be sure to eat enough to help me heal properly after my surgery for the cancer.  Now all I do is lay around all day and do my stupid comfort eating.  But I am formulating a plan of action and I will start on it Sunday.  I will start doing exercise tapes every day at home and cut my calories again to start with.  I am also thinking of doing an apple fast because my neighbor just brought me a huge bowl full of organic apples.

In two weeks I should be released to do activity again and then we will start walking the dogs too which will help and also let me get out of the house. (hopefully i can make myself, just going to get the mail is hard for me and its right out the front door)  I think I weigh about 150 now and I am grossed out to think about it.  I cant look in the mirror or look at myself.  I dont even want to get dressed or fix my hair and most days I dont.  i never do my make up anymore and i am just so gross!

My bf has started school again and I hate that all day long he is seeing sexy skinny little skanks and then he comes home to me and I am sure he is disgusted too.  He tried to compliment me the other day and told me dont worry about the girls at school because “you are pretty in your own way” – oh, let me tell you, it did not go over well.  I cant stop thinking about it and hating myself.  He hasnt drank in a few days and is working on that, thank goodness, but I just hope he can stop.  Living with an alcoholic sucks and makes life tougher than I make it on myself already. 

I dont have any friends and feel lonely and am going crazy stuck in the house all day every single long day.  I take xanax and sleep alot and I really shouldnt because it just makes me more depressed and fat but if I dont take it I have these panic attacks and I just dont know which is worse. 

I dont know what we are going to do about money but we need to figure something out fast since I dont have a job anymore and medical bills and other bills are just piling up.  I thought I could take this time off and start working on my own business but I just cant get motivated to get out of bed and do anything. 

Everything seems too overwhelming and I just want to sleep all day and wish I didnt have to deal with anything.  I have to do something… I just dont know where to start!

12 days left…

12 Dec

 ive done pretty good today, couldnt work out though because my heels are rubbed and blilstered from running.  i need new tennies.  i did clean house and re-arrange our home gym so that was a good work out i guess… i am always seeing ‘floaters’ – you know, like black spots floating around in my vision and it really scares me…

Today’s Stats
ramen – 380 calories
chex – 190 calories
a million diet cokes

total cals – 570ish
cw – 145

i will do a sort of fast tomorrow… i dont really even have a choice anyway, we have NO FOOD and i dont feel like going to the store.  how can we afford food when we have so many christmas presents to buy!  i might go shopping tomorrow… oh yeah and i colored my hair dark again and i really like it.  enough rambling.  i am going to take a nice long hot bath and listen to enigma.  goodnight all.

day 1 of fast

1 Nov

well i did good on the rules i set for myself on the fast all day, but at the end of the day, after taking my multivitamin i was so sick i knew i had to have something.  so i had some soup.  still, this adheres to my normal fasting rules so i will just do the normal fast today.  on those rules i did really great!  

Today’s Stats
3 glasses water
3 cups hot green tea
1 bowl chicken noodle = 100 calories


31 Oct

 I slept some again last night!  Yay! I have now lost 20lbs from my highest weight.  I have decided if i lose 5 more i will get a red bracelet as a reward.  my bf says he will buy me one.  🙂  i went over on my intake a little today, but it is okay because i have been staying under.  at least i didnt binge out on candy, so i am proud about that.  my bf brought me home a lollypop and said it was a reward for losing so much and i should allow myself a treat.  he is so sweet.  i may eat it tonight… i dont know.  anyway, tomorrow is a new day.  :):)

i have decided that i am going to fast starting tomorrow.  i am going to try to only have water and green tea. if i absolutely have to maybe broth, milk, or juice.  but no solids.  i will do this fast thursday and friday, and if i can continue i will do it on saturday too.  so there it is, my goal set out in writing.  i cant go back on it now and if i mess up i will hate myself.  hopefully it will let me lose enough to get that bracelet!

Today’s Stats
CW = 150 
2 diet cokes 
3 glasses water
green beans = 35 calories  
pizza = 600 calories 
salad = 130 calories
burger = ?

TOTAL = @ 1200 calories today.  

i went way over my calories planned for today, but i have been staying under for weeks, and tomorrow is a fasting day so i think it should be fine.  i should work out tomorrow too.