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skinny bitch

18 Nov

so i read skinny bitch last night. absolutely fucking awesome. omg. my bf bought me more red bracelets, i took a picture…

in other news, we looked for houses all day today, found the perfect one. now if we just have the money for it! gonna hit up the bfs parents over the holiday for a loan.

birthday party for my friends 4 year old ruined my calories for yesterday. probably went over today too. need to freaking fast tomorrow. saw pictures of myself at that birthday party and though you can tell i have lost weight i still looked like a fucking cow. i am so embarassed to be seen in public. omg.


first red bracelets

17 Nov

my first red bracelets… i love them.

sometimes i feel like i don’t deserve them.  but, they do help me to remember not to eat like a fat whore.