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19 Aug

hayley williams from paramore, my newest thinspo.


more old pics

16 Jun

i found a lot more old pictures while going through my stuff. i think i will start posting them on here randomly, just to keep me inspired. i also got brave and made a gallery for just pics of me in my thinspo files (on the links).

panties and tank in mirror

old pictures

15 Jun

i found some old pictures of me today, ones i used to send my hubby when we were dating and first married. pics of me in the tub, in my panties, all kinds of cute pics… and my god i was skinny just a few years ago! it served as thinspiration and motivation… i absolutely can get back to there.

oh i remember when i looked like this when we were first together and i thought i was hideously fat. now i would kill to be that size again. but i will get there, and then go even smaller, i will be 110 again, come hell or high water…

my slideshow

17 Jan

ive been really down this week, so i made this to cheer myself up. its funny, and also made me like hey, im not THAT bad… MY SLIDESHOW (NSFW)   but its all lies, because i really am too fat. i need more control. i have been below 700cals every day and its just not enough. *screams* i should have run on the treadmill but i didnt.  

one good thing, yeah i know you are like what??? she is gonna say something good, but its true i have a good thing to say.  (and im once again sorry for being such a whiner on here, its just i pretend to be someone else, someone happy, someone together all of the time and this is my journal to let the stuff i have shoved to the back out for a bit) okay, so one good thing, i decided to start a business.  i have the plan for it, i made up a name, i got a website, my bf got me frontpage and i am now designing a website for it, and though its not much, it gives me hope.  this could work out… this could be the way i can make it big… i can do this!  i have to do this!  i have freaking bills and shit to pay…

Today’s Stats
oj, metamucil, cleanse, vitamins = 80 cals
1/4 banana = 20 cals
1/2 apple = 30 cals
ramen = 380 cals
1 spoon peanut butter = 50 cals
16 cups water
1 diet coke
1 m&m – i couldn’t help myself!

TOTAL = 560 cals

yeah, ps and all that, i just did this online calculation thing and it says i should be drinking AT LEAST 18 cups of water a day.  gonna try to do it… whew… its gonna be hard!

sharing the thin

8 Nov

 i moved all my thinspo pics

to a new site so they are now easy to access and you dont need a password.  

also, if you have any thinspo to share will you please give me the link or email it to me.  thanks skinnies! 

Today’s Stats
1 diet coke
1 glasses water

so today i must really, and i mean really fast.  no calories.  i have 3 days left of this week and only 458 calories that i can have.  i am thinking i should fast today, eat tomorrow, fast saturday.  sunday i will not be able to fast because we are going out to eat for our anniversary.  2 years together!  yea!  then maybe if i can i could fast monday, tuesday, and thursday of next week…

day seven

9 Oct

am i crazy?  i dont want to make a thinsipration book or anything because i dont want my bf to see the pics and realize how fat i am and think i am gross.  i worry endlessly every day because he is going to college and looking at all these pretty and skinny girls then coming home to fat ugly me and i just know one day he is going to wake up and be like… wow you are gross i can do so much better…  am i crazy or does anyone else ever think like this???  is there anything to do to stop it?  i hope it stops when i reach my goal at least, because i cant stand it.  

well it is starting to get cool here at night.  it is 7am and 49 here right now and i have the a/c on to make it even colder because it is easier to lose weight when it is cold.  I cant wait for the winter, the summer was too hot and humid and i am ready to turn the stupid a/c off.  it is so annoying. 

good luck today ladies, ss, and tt.

Today’s Stats
50 minutes on treadmill
1 diet coke
3 glasses of water
2 slim fasts = 340 calories
1 spoon peanut butter = 90 calories
grilled cheese = 210 calories

Total Calories = 640